Florida's AI Engineers​

Incorporated 2012 in Florida and operating out of Tampa, Balzano Informatics Inc. is a Gold certified partner of Microsoft, specializing on Advanced Analytics, Machine Learning and Data Science on Microsoft’s Azure platform.

As one of the few certified AI Inner Circle partners of Microsoft Corp., our company builds artificial intelligence solutions for automated image and text analysis in industries such as insurance, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Off-the-shelve AI algorithms automatically analyze satellite and drone images and videos on property and object information for (re)insurances, government agencies and real estate management.

  • Extraction of information for individual buildings: type, size, volume,  roof type; detection of solar panels and other installations on roof, type and distance of adjacent vegetation; identification of swimming pools, garages and secondary structures.
  • Identification and assessment of risk factors, e.g. vegetative roof coverage.
  • Change detection of property characteristics by comparison of historical data with near real-time satellite or drone images.
  • Classification of vegetation: forest, grass, type of tree etc.
  • Identification of damage after natural disasters and detection of future patterns.

Balzano’s toolbox for automatic text interpretation through NLP and OCR for the purpose of automated encoding, semantic comparison of documents or extraction of labeling and annotation data.

  • AI-driven, semantic analysis of unstructured, semi-structured and structured documents.
  • Automated extraction of classification information and codes from document semantics.
  • Applies storage location, recipients, target processes and other attributes by understanding content.
  • Optionally integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams.

Balzano’s library of algorithms for the interpretation of images allows detection, classification and quantification of specific objects in statics images and videos.

  • Automatic visual identification of objects in video streams and any type of image.
  • Simple integration with workflows allows automated initiation of orders, alerts and other actions.
  • Using pre-built or custom-trained catalogs of objects and situations, individually per customer.
  • Runs as self-managed service on-premises or in the cloud.

Our ScanVis solution framework can track objects, people and anmials in surveillance videos.

  • Automatic visual identification of people and animals in video streams and any type of image.
  • Recognize not just faces but body stature, clothing and other features.
  • Use anonymized data for statistics or with identification for forensics and monitoring.
  • Runs highly secure as self-managed service on-premises or in the cloud.


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